Interview with Stéphane Chapuy (GIG IN JAPAN – General Manager)

The Music2Deal Blog

Stéphane Chapuy is in business with the local music industry since 1999, and being an expert on foreign cultural networks. He has developed various labels and foreign groups in addition to being an expert in cultural networks in Japan covering a wide range of genres such as jazz, electro, world music, hip hop, rock and pop.


GIG IN JAPAN offers a 360 degree service to manage your music business in Japan for foreign label with over 15 years field experience in concerts, show-cases, record releases, promotion, marketing, sponsoring, publishing and consulting.

GIG IN JAPAN is a new promotion partner of Music2Deal and also the organizer of the Shibuya Showcase Fest 2017 in Tokyo.


What exactly is the Shibuya Showcase Fest and how did it come into existence?

Shibuya showcase fest is a new music convention humanly sized for indie labels who aims to get a first approach on the Japan…

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