Interview with Music2Deal Member Patrick Cohen (YZ Records, UK)

The Music2Deal Blog

d0cfbf2862_op1-02YZRECORDSLOGOTell us a bit about yourself?
PC : My name is Patrick Cohen an entrepreneur , music lover , blogger, writer, songwriter, transformational activist from London UK . I am the founder of Yinc Ltd a group of business trading in varied industries and YZ Records is arm operating the music industry alongside Yjukebox the recently added marketing and Video distribution branch.

Have you signed your artists internationally? 
PC : Yes although we relatively new on this market I have signed and licensed an artist internationally ,I would say worldwide in 2013 .

Which country do you think is the best to license music to? Why?
PC : Commonly the US is the best to license music to because of the size of the market and the importance of the opportunity in the entertaiment industry, but I personally deal a lot with the UK because o the variety ad flexibility…

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